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Two Headed Split Bats

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choose 2 different body colors and up to 2 different eye colors

body colors are NOT designated to go on a certain side of the bat (left or right). Body/Eye color 1 and Body/Eye color 2 does NOT mean left or right side of the bat

you can choose the same eye color for both bat heads (eye color 1: black, eye color 2: black) or you can choose 2 different eye colors 

if you choose 2 different eye colors that match the 2 body colors chosen, the eyes will be added mismatched like shown in pictures. (EX: black head with light pink eyes, light pink head with black eyes)

if you wish to have the eyes added any other way than stated above, you will need to reach out to me within 24 hours of placing your order. otherwise, they will be added as stated.

 Regular bat plushies are approximately 6in tall with an 11in wingspan


TAT 4-5 weeks